richteffekt – who-this-is

richteffekt is me, Marc Richter from Berlin.

I am focusing on creating character animations for video games and films. Thus of course I am literate in rigging the characters too. My education in the field includes the creation of characters and environments especially with focus on poly budget and the use in a game engine. And the visual development of stories like story art and storyboarding.

My work experience is spanning several years now. In the past my focus was much more on Motion Design and Motion Graphics which I started shifting since about 2013 to animation.

Most frequently I use Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, 3D Studio Max beside of course the inevitable Adobe Photoshop. Furthermore I have good knowledge of video editing suites Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere and working with Epic´s Unreal Engine.

I´ll try and keep up providing as much material as I can here on this website.